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Farmer Nate

Nate sometimes thinks he should have been a plumber, but his affinity for moving water through pipes has only helped with building manifolds for various irrigation projects.  Before Longview Farm, Nate owned and operated Breezy Valley Farm, a winter hydroponic tomato business, for 3 years. He grew up participating in various family farming activities on his father's farm in Northern Vermont, and in his mother's maple sugar orchard in Rumney, NH.

Born and raised in Rumney, Nate later ventured into Environmental Conservation and Policy, but was beckoned out West to the ski mountains of Colorado. After five years of ski-bumming and restaurant work, only returning to New Hampshire each spring to work in the sugar orchard, Nate decided to return to NH full time. 
Nate's favorite vegetables are all of them, especially broccoli, peas, tomatoes, and sweet corn.   

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